Carpeting can be the best choice you'll make for your home. But if you need a durable surface, what should you know about these materials?

The good news is that there are plenty of choices to create a nice, durable surface in carpet. And the more you know about choosing the suitable options, the better.

For high traffic areas

If you have high traffic, pets, or children, you'll want to consider the most durable surface. Ask about manufacturers that add built-in stain and odor protection to their flooring.

You can add runners or area rugs in busy spaces to protect your floor covering. These rugs keep traffic off the surface of your flooring for minor wear and a longer lifespan.

In areas of less traffic

You can choose flooring with less protection for rooms that see very little traffic. Both nylon and polyester are excellent choices, especially for color and designs.

You'll also benefit from a longer lifespan in rooms with less activity. This can save money over time because you often won't have to replace the materials.

Choose a professional flooring installation

The best way to protect your carpeting is with a professional flooring installation. And it can also help your floors reach their intended lifespan.

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